Next Meeting

When: April 13th, 10 am to 4 pm

Where: Thak Ironworks, 2282 Floradale Rd, Floradale

What: Forging a 13th century Arming Sword:

 A demonstration of the forging process for a common sword design of the medieval era.  A 30" double edged blade with a single central fuller using 5160 spring steel.

In addition to the blade forging demo, there will be a discussion about sword design, evolution, use and of course heat treating.
Don't forget your safety glasses and an item to contribute to our Iron In the Hat raffle table.




Upper Canada Village Meeting - April 26, 27, 28, 2019

This year we will have Artist Blacksmith John Little and his wife Nancy Little come from East Dover, Nova Scotia.  John will do an artist talk as well as some forging demonstrations.

There are a few spots available in this event.  If you would like to attend please contact Lloyd @ 705 426 5396.  You must be a member of OABA to attend this event.  See the info on joining our group on the "Join" section of the website - or pay your membership fee when you attend the demo.  Spouses pay one tuition fee, however, they must both pay accommodation fees as OABA pays U.C.V by the head.  If you have not stayed at the village before you might like to bring bedding and an air mattress.  There is some space for couples, but is limited.  Women and men are in different areas.  Showers and modern washrooms are available as well.  Smoking areas are outside the houses.  No smoking of anything in the village. at any time no mater how authentic it may be.
- at U.C.V is dormitory style for April 25, 26, 27, 2019.  Cost is $25.00 a night per person.
- for other motel type accommodations, the Macintosh Inn, Morrisburg is a ten minute drive west of the U.C.V.
Tuition: $175.00 
Payment:  Payment must be received by Shirley Young no later than March 1st, 2019.  Cheques should be made out to the Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association (not OABA).  If you fail to pay your tuition before this date your space will be made available to the next person on the waiting list.
Shirley's address:
285 Brant County Road 22, RR2. Ancaster, Ontario. L9G 3L1
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OABA’s CanIRON XII Auction Project

 CanIRON XII is just around the corner!  It’s time for the OABA group to start putting together our project to be contributed to the CanIRON auction or Iron In The Hat.

This year Bob Young and Jim Buchanan have worked together to create a toolbox.  We’d like to invite you - the OABA members - to forge a tool to put into the box.  Some tools may be auctioned off separately while some will be kept with the toolbox to be auctioned off as a set.

Deadline for completion: Last possible meetings to drop off tools would be the the June Hammer in at the Waterloo Regional Museum or the Dunvegan Hammer in at the Glengarry Pioneer Museum.  Otherwise make arrangements to get your tool to Bob Young before June 8th.

 Tool Suggestions:

- tongs (flat jaw, box jaw, V-bit, scrolling, bolt etc.)

 - coal forge fire management tools (poker, rake, shovel, flux spoon)

- hot and cold chisels and punches (please find a way to mark your tool to indicate the kind of steel you used)

 - forging hammers ( 2 - 5lbs )

- callipers

- other ideas are certainly welcome.

The most important thing to consider is the size of the box.   

Tongs and other long tools must be no longer than 20 inches.

Punches and chisels should be no longer than 6 1/2 inches.

The largest open area of the box is roughly 20” x 7 1/4” x  6 1/2”.

Please try to be efficient in the space your tool takes up - we wan’t everyones tools to fit.

As a fun way to keep in touch about this project there will be a section on the Notices page of the website.  If we could all post the tool we plan on making we could hopefully avoid any duplicates and end up with a wide selection of tooling.


The Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association is a group of professional and part time blacksmiths, as well as others who are interested in the field. Some members have a great deal of experience, while others have only a little.


For the public, we seek to promote the work and trade of blacksmithing, both traditional and modern, as a high quality, creative craft and affordable art form which has a growing place in modern society. For an example of some of what we have to offer, please peruse our Gallery. For those looking to hire a blacksmith, please read Hiring a Blacksmith.

For our members, we seek to promote an exchange of creative ideas, provide an opportunity for teaching and learning about specific techniques of blacksmithing. How to Join.


Iron In The Hat. What is it?

If you come out to our meetings you'll have the chance to participate in our fundraiser - "Iron In The Hat". This is how it works. Members are all encouraged to bring an item for Iron In The Hat. It should be blacksmithing or at least metalworking related. Tools, books, scrap metal, safety gear, something you forged yourself are all good examples. The items are all gathered together on a table, everyone has a chance to look, buy tickets and bet on items of their choosing. Usually at the mid point of a meeting a ticket is drawn for each item and the winner gets to take that item home. It's a fun way to share, get to know each other and most importantly to raise money for our organization! Thanks everyone!

OABA T-Shirts now available!

After a long wait and demand, OABA T-Shirts are now available! These shirts come with a pocket, OABA logo, Model-T Ford colour choices (any colour you want as long as its black), are made in Canada, and only cost $20 (+$2 for XXL).