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Artist Details: David Brandow

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5050 Whitelaw Rd. R.R. # 6
Guelph, ON
N1H 6J3

Artist Bio

David, the current president of the Ontario Artist Blacksmiths Assocation, started blacksmithing in 2008 following a lifelong interest in blacksmithing. He does numerous public demonstrations every year and produces a wide variety of work that peak his interest, from sculpture, railings, plant hangers, tools, knives and much more. "As a demonstrator, I believe very strongly that education and entertainment need to go hand in hand. If I'm not entertaining, very few people will watch for very long or remember anything I've said. If my audience isn't learning something, then I'm doing both them and the profession a disservice. As a blacksmith, I believe very strongly in creating pieces that will last the test of time, both from a functional and from an artistic perspective. The things that we own should be both functional and beautiful, things that we should be proud to hand down to future generations, not cheap and flimsy dross to be disposed of in a few short years."