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CanIron VIII Demonstrator: The Dark Ages Re-Creation Company


Central Ontario, Canada


Demonstrator Bio

The Dark Ages Re-Creation Company is composed of people interested in using living history to research aspects of life in Northern Europe during the Viking Age. This is accomplished through workshops and experimental archaeology where the focus is on developing traditional skills as we create accurate replicas of period artifacts and processes. The Company further strives to provide a resource of skilled and experienced historic interpreters and physical demonstrators to museums, schools, and educational programs.

DARC has undertaken a series of experiments based on archaeological evidence, targeted to recreate the techniques the Viking Era Norse might have used to smelt iron. There is, of course, no way for us to prove that the method we have developed was actually used. Our goal is to get a method that first reliably produces iron, second uses equipment that would have been available and, third that matches the archaeological record. Here we are attempting to match historic iron blooms, smelter and surrounding area layout , and the materials that were available.

At CanIron VIII, DARC will be demonstrating a furnace design we have used a number of times to explore specific variables. The Econo-Norse design is constructed of cheap and easily available materials, and is simple and quick to assemble. “Perfect for those days when you decide you need to make a quick iron bloom! We will set up the furnace on Thursday morning, run the smelt during the day, and pull the finished bloom in time for supper. Come join us to see this method in use and talk with us about the history of Viking Age Norse iron production.

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