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CanIron VIII Demonstrator: Jesus Hernandez


Roanoke, Virgina, USA


Demonstrator Bio

Jesus Hernadez was born in Zamora, Spain and grew up in Castilla surrounded by the mysticism of castles. During his early years, he walked the streets of Salamanca, a town of medieval enchantment, where he became a doctor of medicine. He moved his practice to the United States after meeting Christine, his wife. He now lives in Roanoke, Virginia furthering his knowledge of the traditional crafts of Japanese bladesmithing and metalworking.

“For a long time I have been fascinated with the ability to create both useful and beautiful objects by hand. The craft of a blade is an expression of that ability. Every aspect of this art is capable of bringing a sense of satisfaction to the maker and to the owner of such creations. The craft of bladesmithing has provided me with a path of self-reflection. I am mostly self-taught. My journey has been one of admiration for the simple beauty of lines and character of the Japanese blades which lead to a pursuit of the same esthetics through the recreation of the traditional metalworking techniques. From making steel out of iron ore and charcoal, to forging the hot metal into a blade, to the always mysterious process of hardening the steel and finally polishing the metal to reveal its inner beauty, its soul.”

At CanIRON VIII, Jesus will first illustrate the process of converting a raw iron bloom into a working bar, preparatory to forging a blade. This all done utilizing tools and method from the Japanese working traditions. The second demonstration will complete the bar to blade process, including showing the process of clay coating and quenching.

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