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  •  Feel free to post a Notice indicating what you are looking for. You may have greater success, however, researching and contacting individual members directly.
  •  Do not expect a blacksmith to demonstrate at your event for free or for a small honorarium. A blacksmith demonstrating at an event is an entertainer. Entertainers in comparable fields will typically charge $250-$400 for two hours, whereas most blacksmiths will charge the same or less for four or more hours of work, which will include transporting and setting up hundreds of pounds of equipment. Allowing the blacksmith to sell his or her wares at the event in addition to demonstrating is a very small incentive as demonstrating typically only increases sales by 5-15%, so most blacksmiths selling their wares don't demonstrate at the same time, given the additional expense and effort.
  •  Many of our members are part-time/hobby blacksmiths, whereas others have been professional blacksmiths for decades. There will therefore be a great deal of variability in both quality and price, do your research carefully and have a clear picture of what your expectations are in terms of both quality and price.
  •  Ironwork cast into molds, made thousands at a time and using cheap labour does not compare in quality to one-of-a-kind pieces of art produced by the hands of a skilled craftsman, expect it to take much longer to make and do not expect to pay similar prices. You can compare a blacksmith to a sculptor or a painter, art takes a great deal of both time and skill.