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Notices > Forge Stolen..... OABA Member is looking for Help to try and locate it.

Please contact Neil Blythin, at with any information you may have.

The forge was taken from Willowbank in Queenston, ON.

Picture of the Stolen Forge.

I'm wondering if its possible for you to spread the word through OABA, that I recently had my large coal forge stolen...

It had been on loan to Willowbank, and had been temporarily left outside while the storage locker was being re-organized. I'm not sure if you'd remember it, but it was a large (shop sized) cast iron table with a trough at one end, and an arm for attaching a blower. Thank goodness I had removed the blower and firepot (a brand new John Newman pot) and stored them separately!

In any case, I would really appreciate if others in the community would help keep an eye out for such a forge suddenly popping up on the market. It was most likely taken by a scrap metal guy and has probably been melted down by now, but in the event someone knew what it was, it may show up for sale (and the prospective buyers are a fairly small community).

I was never able to see any markings on it, but was told by a number of people that it was a 'Champion' brand.

Any assistance in tracking it down is greatly appreciated!


September 17, 2013 | Registered CommenterOABA